Financing Innovation

Our experts undertake to support you with recommendations to optimise and finance your innovation and research projects in countries tagged on the map below. You may request for a complimentary assessment by one of our international experts. Our international experts will help you identify the extent to which your R&D and / or experimental development meet the eligibility criterions.

White Label Crowdfunding Platform

OptiFunding is a tailor-made White Label Crodwfunding platform which allows you to raise funds through donations, donations with counterparty, loans etc.

This platform enables you to finance your project as well as benefit from the expertise of our team during your Crowdfunding campaign.

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What is a White label crowdfunding platform?

A white label crowdfunding platform enables any entrepreneur, association, university or organization to have its own crowdfunding platform on its website. It can be used to raise money to fund a project, to develop new activities, or raise funds for a charitable cause throughout the year. Unlike regular crowdfunding, no commission is taken on the money raised and the platform is highly adaptable and customizable to websites.
Financement innovation

Fund your Projects through Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is the process of funding a project by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. It helps entrepreneurs to be less dependent of financial institutions such as banks. This method of raising funds allows SMEs or individuals to gather the right amount of money to create a business or to develop its activities. There are different types of crowdfunding : donation, counterparty, loan and equity.

Purely symbolic donation where the contributors do not wait for any counterparty or interest in return. It arouses the Internet users’ generosity to finance sponsorship or charity projects.
The donation can lead to a counterparty (non-financial compensation) according to the projects (presents, goodies, products proposed by the company). The counterparty (compensation) is a way of thanking the contributor and is generally worth a lower value than the actual value of the donation.
It allows entrepreneurs, who have difficulty in obtaining a financing to borrow money from individuals. The loan is then reimbursed with a low rate of interest to the lenders.
The investors buy shares of the company and become its shareholders. The acquisition of holdings comes true with a detention of equity or via a holding company. The individual plays a role of business angel.
Without the expertise of the Optinnov, we would not have been able to identify areas for improvement and feasible financing options.
During tax audits, Optinnov guided us and secured our files ; we were confident about the eligibility of our R&D projects.
We chose Optinnov for their value added, which included the monitoring and assistance until the end of a fundraising campaign.