Managing Innovation

Proper management of innovation can create long-lasting advantage and produce dramatic shifts in competitive position, allowing companies to cross new performance thresholds.

Innovation management allows the organization to respond to external or internal opportunities, and use its creativity to introduce new ideas, processes or products. It includes a set of tools to achieve a common understanding of processes and goals.

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Financement de l
Financement de l

Optinnov has developed a tool, Dynamique d'Innovation Intrapreneuriale© (D2I©), for assisting organisations in:

  • Generating innovation at all levels,
  • Developing an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Enhance employee commitment in the innovation process,
  • Empower employees

Implementation of the D2I© improves the social climate of the organisation. This unique approach is characterized by the implementation of technical and management tools aimed at creating conducive conditions for the development of innovation.

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Change Management

In today's business climate, it is critical for an organization to be ready and capable of adapting to changing times to ensure survival. Companies cannot settle for incremental improvement – they must innovate and undergo transformations to get, and stay, on top.

The burning question is just how does a company go about creating an environment that fosters transformation, as well manages conflicts, in order to meet the market standard and enable innovation?

Change management is the process, tools and techniques to manage the people-side of business change to achieve the required business outcome, and to ensure an effective transformation within the social infrastructure of the workplace.

Optinnov equips you with the tools to minimise resistance to organizational change through involvement of key players and stakeholders

Our interventions include :

  • Defining and instiling new values, attitudes, norms and behaviours
  • Building consensus among all stakeholders on changes designed to meet their needs
  • Planning, testing and implementing all aspects of the transition
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Change management
Coaching par Optinnov

Personalised Coaching

Dealing with change management can be daunting. Often the stakes are high, and the change can affect anything from organization structure to process, technology, and people.

Change management coaching on strategies that will navigate employees through the transition is one of the greatest factors influencing success.

Our professional and personalised coaching inspires excellence and is for those who want to gain invaluable insights and make significant changes.

The Optinnov Coaching experience is designed to help businesses and their employees build a high performance organisation with real ROI impact.

We aim to build a committed partnership based on authentic trust with the ultimate aim of achieving positive organizational or individual transformation.

Optinnov Coaching is about inspiring and empowering businesses and their employees to achieve disruptive innovation and creating a workplace where people give the gift of their passions, talents, and best ideas.

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Tailor-made talent sourcing

Optinnov guides you in sourcing your talents (Permanent contracts, external service providers, trainees).

Through its network of experts and a continuously updated database, we find and select the talents you need.

Each referenced expert is meticulously selected to provide each client with a tailored and quality service.

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Organisations are gradually moving away from traditional work models; they are becoming a lot bolder and more inclusive in their approaches to innovation.

An 'open' approach to innovation leverages internal and external source of ideas. It suggests interacting with broader groups of stakeholders and builds collaborative community engagement around specific challenges and issues.

Optinnov has developed a collaborative innovation tool aimed at sourcing of experts and decrowdsourcing clients' themes though challenges.

This solution aims at using the virtual community to build collaborative engagement around specific challenges and issues: ideas and input flow into organisations from outside and smart, innovative solutions are easily generated. Thus issues are resolved more quickly and at lower costs.

It also enables the use of existing crowdsourcing and white label crowdsourcing platforms, coupled with a mentoring programme which will enable you pilot and manage your own initiative.

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Crowd sourcing
Cabinet de conseil

Cap Ensemble : white label platform

Cap Ensemble is a collaborative platform for ideation, corporate patronage and fundraising.

It allows you to evaluate and develop your idea with the help of the territorial and regional community. The regions, associations and territories contribute to the reduction of unemployment by improving the efficiency of work and production processes.

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 Why Optinnov?

The methodology implemented by Optinnov in change management ensure full involvement of internal teams, which is reassuring for all stakeholders.
By its professionalism and commitment, Optinnov gave us full satisfaction.