Let us raise money for you! 

Crucial in the stages of a company, fundraising is a complex process that involves calling on investors to provide the necessary funds to start, launch, or develop the business.

What is a fundraising?

Fundraising is a way to raise funds to start or grow a business. It’s also an opportunity to expand the network of investors.

Depending on the stage of development of the company, fundraising will take different forms:

  • Self-financing
  • Seed Capital
  • Growth capital
  • Crowdfunding
  • L’introduction en bourse

The consulting firm Optinnov offers customised support to Micro enterprises and SMEs wishing to raise funds.

In that way, we offer customised support throughout the entire process of fundraising to maximize your chances of success.


Experience the Equity Fundraising Pack  

The Equity fundraising pack aims to maximise the success of your fundraising with a customised support.

Equity Fundraising Pack

  • Mentoring ( 6 hours)
  • Vote campaign
  • Coaching/training (value, BP/Executive summary,term sheet) (6 hours)
  • Coaching and roadshow preparation (due diligences, pitches, shareholders agreement, negotiation and a selection of offers) ( 6 hours)
  • Networking with investors (business angels, capital riskers, investments funds…)
  • Dedicated toolbox

To benefit from customised support for your fundraising, contact us for more information.

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