OptiExperts is a platform for connecting project leaders and professionals. This solution allows startups, large companies, or schools to find the right talent among their networks.

This solution is available in white label. It easily integrates your website with the subdomain that you have previously selected. With this turnkey tool, you will have the opportunity to launch two types of campaigns: Quotation requests and challenges Open innovation

Quotation requests

In order to find the right provider regardless of the service or product you are looking for, all you need to do is a “Quote Request” campaign. The project owner writes a description of his needs (graphic designer, coach, developer, etc.) and your professional community will receive an invitation by email to offer their services. This allows the project owner to quickly find the best offer available and most in line with his needs. Opting for OptiExperts will make your community members more active. In addition to providing more comprehensive services to your community, it will save you time and reduce costs.

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The open Innovation challenge

The Open Innovation challenge (also known as Open Innovation or Distributed Innovation) refers in research and development fields, innovation modes based on sharing, collaboration (between stakeholders) challenges often organized by major companies to carry out innovative projects.

This trendy practice since 2017 allows large companies to boost their innovation approach.

There are different ways to practice Open Innovation, for example, through problem solving or ideas competition.

The advantages of OptiExperts :

  • Find the right providers / suppliers in your network,
  • Expand your experts’ network,
  • Optimize your website and make your expert network more active,
  • Facilitate communication between your project owners and your experts through a fun platform,
  • Opting for the automation for connecting people will save time for your teams,
  • Encourage innovation
  • Encouragez l’innovation aux seins de vos membres.


And exclusively on OptiExperts :

  • Support by our experts for the management of your campaigns;
  • Set your project on the platform  DreamTakeoff  (crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platform) to increase visibility and benefit from the support network of DreamTakeoff to finance your projects and reach a wider audience;
  • Discounts on other services offered by DreamTakeoff.
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Our Offers

  • Video, newsletters, community management
  • Name platform, corporate guidelines, URL, e-mailing…
  • Reporting, dashboards, monitoring tools
  • Trainings, technical assistance and back-office, legal assistance…
  • Customisation (integration of your logo, color code, URL, home page…)
  • Responsive design
  • Adaptation of standard forms *
  • Sécurity
  • Reporting, statistics, dashboard
  • Daily backup of the site and database
  • Integration of the links and logos of your partners and sponsors *
  • Geolocalisation of projects and calls for applications by geographical area
  • Basic/natural SEO referencing
  • Accomodation, platform management
  • Support for scalable maintenance


  • Assistance / Support for project owners (project presentation…) *
  • Training in handling and management of the platform
  • Support on launching
  • Assistance and technical support
  • Campaign relays on DreamTakeoff platform *
  • Legal assistance, drafting CGU, CNIL declaration, AMF/APCR/Orias (CIP, IFP, PSI…) *
  • Support of Community management, animation of social networks, community platform… *

* Optionnal

  • Profile management
  • Warning before the end of the campaign
  • Unlimited members *
  • Chat, blog *

* Optionnal

  • Filing of domain name *
  • Video production and management *
  • Addition of supplementary languages *
  • Advices in strategy Fundraising *
  • Research and innovation funding advices *
  • * Optional
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