OptiFunding: the custom white label crowdfunding platform

Optifunding is “corporate” white label crowdfunding platform. It allows you to raise funds through crowdfunding campaigns donation and rewards/pre-purchase among your community. The crowdfunding platform will integrated on your website, with the sub-domain that you will have selected, and personalized with your logo and color codes. It is also optimized to attract internet users and potential contributors.

In addition to that financing solution, you benefit also of personalized support during the elaboration and the implementation of your crowdfunding campaigns.


Advantage of the White label crowdfunding platform

This innovative solution allows you to:

  • Promote your projects and those of your members ;
  • Target a larger audience due to communication tools present on the platform to optimize donors number ;
  • Raise awareness and animate your community, your partners in order to make them active ;
  • Fundraise faster and easily ;
  • Increase your visibility and notoriety by communicating, and mobilizing your Internet community ;
  • Control your company communication in order to convey a more professional image.

And exclusively in OptiFunding…

  • No commission on fundraising ;
  • Support by ours experts for the management of your crowdfunding campaign ;
  • Possibility to put your project on DreamTakeOff (crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platform) in order to gain visibility and to benefit DreamTakeOff network support to finance your projects and affect a larger audience ;
  • Discount on others services proposed by DreamTakeoff.
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Our Offers

  • Video, newsletters, community management
  • Graphical charter, URL, e-mailing…
  • Reporting, Dashboards, Tracking tools
  • Training, technical assistance and back-office, legal assistance…
  • Customization (integration of your logo, color code, URL, home page…)
  • Responsive design
  • Standard forms*
  • Security
  • Reporting, statistics, dashboards
  • Daily backup of the site and database
  • Links and logos integration of your partners and sponsors*
  • Geo-localization of projects
  • Referencing SEO basic/natural
  • Accommodation, platform management
  • Evolutionary maintenance support

* Optional

  • Assistance / Carriers support (project presentation…)*
  • Training of the handling and platform management
  • Start-up support
  • Assistance and technical support
  • Campaigns can be displayed on the DreamTakeoff platform *
  • Legal assistance,TOU redaction, CNIL declaration, AMF/APCR/Orias (CIP, IFP, PSI…) *
  • Community management … *

* Optional

  • Profiles management
  • Alert before the end of the campaign
  • Unlimited members *
  • Chat, blog *

* Optional

  • Domain deposit *
  • Video and management production *
  • Adding additional languages *
  • Fundraising strategy counsel*
  • Innovation financing and research conseil *

* Optional