OptiProduct is a white label co-creation platform that enables companies, universities, and entrepreneurs to co-create and develop new and innovative products. OptiProduct is the ultimate and affordable tool to open a challenge and invite the community to bid on projects, as well as an innovative survey and feedback toolbox. This white label product can be integrated into your existing website in order to facilitate and leverage communication between the various stakeholders and promote co-creation within your company.

How does it work?

The tool integrates directly into your website and enables you to address specific innovation issues in your company without going through an external platform. Our dynamic and user-friendly interface enables you to engage all your stakeholders into the innovation process.

Whether it’s for innovative ideas, votes or feedback, you’ll be able to interact effectively with your employees, customers or even your suppliers, while controlling access to your various projects.


The advantages of a white label co-creation platform

OptiProduct is the ultimate tool for:

  • the proper management of innovation
  • ensuring a high degree of control and interactions as compared to external crowdsourcing platforms
  • leveraging audience input and feedback and get current and prospective customers engaged in developing your product and service into something that fits their needs exactly
  • boosting motivation and driving employee loyalty and productivity at work.
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