OptiShop is a solution that allows you to integrate an e-commerce platform to your website. It is an online store where you can sell products / services on the white label platform.

This e-commerce platform, delivered turnkey, is available in white label.

This means that it will be accessible to your customers from your website, under a subdomain that you have selected.

If you are looking for a solution for the sale of products, without going through a third party website or without having to develop a platform, opt for OptiShop.

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Integrate your online store on your website today!  

Like many traders, you are moving towards digital to optimize the sale of your products.

In order to have more visibility on the market or even to impose on the international market, you opt for an online shop.

Developing an online store on your website can be expensive and time-consuming. To make it easier for you, we have created an OptiShop.

OptiShop can easily integrate your existing web. No need to wait, or invest a significant amount in web development, integrate as of now, this online store on your website.

How to proceed ?

First of all, contact our team for a quote and a demo of the platform. Ask your questions, discover the platform, the customizable options, and tell us about your needs. We will then provide you with a quote.

The online store will soon be integrated on your website. Training and documentation will be provided to your team. Note that the online shop in white label is fully customizable, whether in terms of colors, buttons, forms, and can be adapted in the languages of your choice.

How to integrate it to your site?

To integrate your online shop on your website, use a subdomain.

It is common to create a subdomain for shops! Depending on your needs, our techniques will be the necessary adaptations to the design/visual of the platform. Several options are also available to boost the visibility of your products/services sold on the platform.

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Our Offers

  • Video, newsletters, community management
  • Name platform, corporate guidelines, URL, e-mailing…
  • Reporting, dashboards, monitoring tools
  • Trainings, technical assistance and back-office, legal assistance…
  • Customisation (integration of your logo, color code, URL, home page…)
  • Responsive design
  • Adaptation of standard forms *
  • Sécurity
  • Reporting, statistics, dashboard
  • Daily backup of the site and database
  • Integration of the links and logos of your partners and sponsors *
  • Geolocalisation of projects and calls for applications by geographical area
  • Basic/natural SEO referencing
  • Accomodation, platform management
  • Support for scalable maintenance

* En option

  • Assistance / Support for project owners (project presentation…) *
  • Training in handling and management of the platform
  • Support on launching
  • Assistance and technical support
  • Campaign relays on DreamTakeoff platform *
  • Legal assistance, drafting CGU, CNIL declaration, AMF/APCR/Orias (CIP, IFP, PSI…) *
  • Support of Community management, animation of social networks, community platform… *

* En option

  • Profile management
  • Warning before the end of the campaign
  • Unlimited members *
  • Chat, blog *

* Optionnal

  • Filing of domain name *
  • Video production and management *
  • Addition of supplementary languages *
  • Advices in strategy Fundraising *
  • Research and innovation funding advices *

* Optional

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