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Co development project pack

Ideal for entrepreneurs in the incubation period, this pack has been designed for advices and validation of your project. Opt for a customised support to start your project.

  • Mentoring
  • Vote campaign
  • 3 experts’ suggestions
  • Call for proposals
  • 1 Crowd Innovation contest
  • Coaching on a specific theme (market analysis, launching strategy)
  • Entrepreneurs network
  • Dedicated toolbox
  • Access to an exclusive documentation database

Business creation pack

The business creation pack is for entrepreneurs in incubation period. It enables you to benefit from a customised support for your business creation.

Business creation pack

  • Vote campaign
  • 3 Experts’ suggestion
  • Coaching
  • Entrepreneurs network
  • Dedicated toolbox

Optionnal :

  • Filing and registration at the registry (formal)
  • Trademark and company’s name registration
  • Call for experts
  • Financing file

Equity Fundraising Pack

The Equity fundraising pack aims to maximise the success of your fundraising with a customised support.

Equity Fundraising Pack

  • Mentoring ( 6 hours)
  • Vote campaign
  • Coaching/training (value, BP/Executive summary,term sheet) (6 hours)
  • Coaching and roadshow preparation (due diligences, pitches, shareholders agreement, negotiation and a selection of offers) ( 6 hours)
  • Networking with investors (business angels, capital riskers, investments funds…)
  • Dedicated toolbox

Growth and development pack

Internal growth :

With the growth pack, you benefit from the support of coaches in the development of your business strategy. Find sales representatives to boost your sales.

External growth :

Get accompanied for the sale and takeover of your businesses. We connect you with companies interested with your offer.

Internal growth pack :

  • Coaching 3h (project structure and conception)
  • 3 sales notices
  • -10% on DreamShop fee
  • Premium access for experts

External growth pack :

  • Coaching/assistance (assignment/recovery, participation, M&A…) (6 hours)
  • Link with interested companiesOptional :
  • Rewarded Crowdlending
  • Fundraising Pack

Challenge OpenInovation

Promising startup Pack

The promising startup pack is for investors looking for startup with signs of future success.

This pack contains:

  • Interview to define the profile of targeted startups
  • Lists and documentation of 3 or 5 promising start up
  • Look for startup Recherche de startup according to the investors’ criterias

For further information, contact us.

Exposure pack

Enhance your communication on social networks, and improve your web presence.